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My jewelry is proudly made in the USA

Making art is my way of sharing my story with the viewer. My motivation comes from my passion to do what I love, work with glass, a strong belief in myself and the way I choose to live my life.

My jewelry line is designed to represent confident people. It is simple but strong. It is modern and clean.

The message is clear...

Be Strong... Be Unique... Wear Art.

The challenges I have faced in my life have made me stronger. Believe in what you do, the sky is the limit, think out of the  box, don't be ordinary. 

Using bold designs, colors and different materials that create statement pieces  you can be proud to wear and share.

Jewelry that creates conversation:

"Radiantly, visibly, alive"

"Wisdom, strength, beauty"

"Fun, artistic, inquisitive"

"Unique, extraordinary, beautiful"

"Dynamic, creative, confident"

 Call at: 971-219-7031